With respect to the overall management of the practice, we envisage that the approach to the Management of projects fall into two main categories. These are:

  • Setting up and monitoring systems for controlling the organisation, budgeting and timing of the project.
  • Control of the consultants, contractors, as well as Council and public authority staff to ensure that their activities are co-ordinated and appear on time and within budget.
The system to be used for that management include the following:
  • A critical path schedule setting out the timing and responsibility for action for each activity.
  • A budget and cashflow showing expenditure for each activity set-up on a time scale.
  • An organisation showing responsibilities with a chain of command for the project and procedure for regular reporting.
The systems would be used to monitor the project and to control timing and cost. They would also be used as a basis of reporting future activities such as co-ordinating approvals, construction with predicted completion dates. The major tasks will be the co-ordination of all the various activities to ensure the smooth progress of a project and would include the following:
  • Co-ordinating Development Consent and Building Approval Conditions and ensuring that they are taken into account in preparation of detailed drawing and in the construction.
  • Obtain budgets form the various consultants and contractors co-ordinating the various budgets and monitoring expenditure including obtaining approvals for and tracking variations.
  • Obtaining clearances and approvals from the various Public Authorities and authorizing payments to these Authorities.
  • Co-ordinating the input of various consultants eg. Landscape Engineering, Civil Design, Acoustic Design and possibly Traffic Engineering.
  • Obtaining Approvals for amendments to Development Consents and Building Approvals where necessary.
  • Lodgement of all applications with Council and relevant authorities and following through to ensure early and acceptable approvals.
  • Monitoring and regulating the design, approval, and construction process with the actual and predicted completions.
  • Arranging and conducting meetings with the consultants, contractors and client representatives as required. Preparing and distributing minutes and setting out follow-up actions.
  • Ensuring that Quality Control procedures are implemented to standards set.



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